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"I paint semi-abstract landscapes inspired by wild places, including the beautiful Cornish coastline where I am lucky enough to live. I walk every day with my dog, frequently on the beaches and coast path, (and even been known to get up close and personal with rockpools by cold water dipping.)


Sometimes I sketch, but more often I take many many photos of the little details that catch my eye. It is not just big spaces of ocean and sky that I connect with but patterns made in the sand by the withdrawing tide, or the folds and crevices within a rock or pebble.


Being in nature brings me into the present whether that is battling against a strong wind on a headland or basking in the sun in a sheltered cove. It is these feelings of freedom, serenity and aliveness I wish to convey in my paintings. It is an ongoing journey of discovery.'

Fiona Cant

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