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Original photomolymer print 'Walks to the Loe Bar' by printmaker Clementine Neild. 


Dimensions: 32 x 24cm


Clementine’s work explores a fascination with the daydreamed worlds we create in longing for events, loved ones and memories that can never happen or perhaps never did. This is a concept that recurs: in Wales ‘Hiraeth’, Cornwall ‘Hyreth’ in Portugal ‘Saudade’. Rather than dwell on melancholy, Clementine strives to find beauty and serene understanding in these transient spaces.


Using aquatint and etched mark-making, Clementine creates darker images that she then burnishes back to add lighter grey tones, highlights and more subtle tone changes; similar to mezzotint. Her plates go through many processes overlaying etching, burnishing, and open bite, which create the depth of mark her work is known for.


Clementine has just embarked on a series of work exploring the idea of walking through memories and how our shared experiences connect us. This is manifesting as a series of etchings of imagined spaces filled with ornaments she either inherited or ended up with in clearing out her Grandparent’s houses after they passed. These trinkets are interspersed throughout her home and provide memories of childhood visits to their former owners. Clementine graduated with distinction in MA Authorial Practice: Illustration from Falmouth University in 2019. She exhibits regularly across the UK.

Clementine Neild Print 'Walks to the Loe Bar'

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