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Original framed drawing ‘D’elixiyar of Youth’ by Falmouth based artist Jacqui Orly Ammon. Chalk on paper in vintage frame.


Dimensions: 43 x 33cm


“My name is Jacqui Orly Ammon. I was born in South Africa and came to the UK when I was 6. Our family changed our name to the Anglicised Hammond only I wanted to recognise my heritage and claim back my Egyptian grandfathers name which was Amman, Emun or Imon (there are no vowels in hieroglyphics only consonants).


I completed a degree in Psychology in 1997. I lived and worked in London and travelled through Europe, Africa, Northern and mid America and Australia before graduating as a mature student in Fine Art from Falmouth University in 2006.


I fell in love with the ocean after being born and brought up in cities. Cornwall in particular captivated me. My work is inspired by the sea: it’s rhythm, colour, light and mythology; nature and people.


I had never planned on becoming a professional artist and yet have been consistently drawn back to it as a means to understand and express myself. I perform and paint often using foraged materials to create works."

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Jacqui Orly Ammon Original ‘D’elixiyar of Youth’ Framed Drawing

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