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One-off 'Cleggan Lighthouse with Ship Passing Through' monotype by Falmouth-based artist Madeleine Hopper.


Dimensions: 38.5 x 48.5cm


Currently studying at Falmouth University, Maddy’s work is deeply rooted in the post-human along with the concept of hybrids. She is exploring the fusing of human and non human entities, such as you often see in Celtic mythology and folklore, while using her own relationship with the two to create these uncanny pieces. Through paint, print and sculpture, Maddy compels the viewer to come face to face with unearthly creatures and other-worldly scenes.

Sailors Jail Gallery Ltd acts as agent on behalf of our sellers. This sale is for the item listed only, and the seller/ Sailors Jail retain all reproduction rights.

Madeleine Hopper 'Cleggan Lighthouse with Ship Passing Through' Monotype

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