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hello sailors

We are Tabby and Hessy: married artists and founders of Sailors Jail. Having studied at Central Saint Martins and Kingston Art School respectively, we lived on a boat in Kingston for ten years, and founded the Nationwide Cygnets Art School in 2015, before moving to Cornwall. We have two children: Rudy and Ziggy, as well as the Sailors Jail dog: Badger (who you may recognise from some artworks in the shop..)

When searching for a new venue for our Falmouth classes, we came across the Sailors Jail space, and immediately knew it would make the perfect gallery. Having already been searching for a local place to buy unusual, original artwork and unable to find anywhere, it seemed like the perfect opportunity. We absolutely love working with our local artists to create the amazing and unique space that is Sailors Jail.


our ethos.

At Sailors Jail, we're on a mission to ignite a revolutionary movement - one that values and normalises the beauty of owning and giving original artwork. We strive to make art accessible, meaningful, and transformative for everyone. Whether you're looking for a captivating piece for your own wall or seeking a thoughtful gift for someone special, our gallery is the perfect destination.



Large scale basement gallery space showcasing original artworks



Ground floor shop stocking prints, jewellery, homewares & art supplies



Running classes and workshops for all ages


Step into our gallery and descend into history. Nestled within our walls lies a remarkable tale of the past - the very basement you stand in was once the infamous Falmouth jail, erected in the year 1666. Where once rowdy sailors were confined after their visits to the renowned Chainlocker Pub. Today, this hallowed space has been transformed into a haven for art enthusiasts, offering a captivating juxtaposition of the past and the present.

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